September 28, 2020


While conducting research I found that:

A lot of people start blogs.

Most blogs fail.

People make money blogging.

Blogging takes a lot of time, work, and dedication.

I have so much to learn about the behind the scenes of blogging.

What inspired me to start a blog? What made me decide to do tons of research and data collecting?

The Following is what I came to:

Let’s jump in!



Up until this point in my life, I never would thought I would start a blog. I had no idea in the slightest what I would blog about, and I definitely never wanted to share my thoughts and writing with others over the internet.

Until… My Mother in Law started telling me about how she was “writing again”. I never knew she wrote before to be honest. I too used to write so much more than I do now. She talked about wanting to write a book and it just inspired me to do what

I always felt in my heart I wanted to do and that was to share with others on a daily basis and what better way to do that then to blog.


Well, I have written small books as a teen, poems and scribbles here and there. I have journaled most of my life and have saved them for future keeping. I have always been a list taker. Here is a list of writers I love (In random order:)

1.SOPHIE MACKINTOSH  (The Water Cure: A Novel)

2.CAMBRIA BROCKMAN  (Tell Me Everything: A Novel)

3.BASSEY IKPI  (I’m Telling the Truth, but I’m Lying: Essays)

4.SUZZANE COLLINS (Mockingjay)

5.RAY BRADBURY (Fahrenheit 451: A Novel)



For the longest time, I’ve been searching for that one special business idea. That ONE idea that would allow me to be my own boss.

Honestly I have always felt like I was bound to own my own business. Here are some I’ve done.

Babysitting services

Handmade sweets and treats @ Etsy

Delizcious Delights Cake Shop

Legging Army

Avon (not once, or twice but 3 times) SMH.

And others I’m probably forgetting…

Probably goes without saying that none of those ideas panned out.

I’m on a constant mission to discover the perfect job. A job that makes me want to get up in the early mornings. That job that scratches my constant itch to learn and constantly grow.


Autism hits right here at home with our beautiful eleven year old daughter, Adelaide. It has been quite a journey thus far and we know we have only scratch the surface. But, our journey I and we

feel is not just our own. We feel we need to share it with the world in hopes to end the stigma behind mental illnesses and disabilities and shed new light on children and teens alike. Ones who’s journeys

are just beginning and who’s life we need to make sure with be a beautiful one and nothing less of it. I could talk for hours about this and about her but I won’t for now.


Make money blogging. Go ahead, type that into your search bar.

You’ll come across so many articles about bloggers making money. Some of them make SERIOUS dough.

I’m not anticipating I’ll make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year as some bloggers. But if I’m able to make a full-time wage while working from home, I’m down.

Like I mentioned in my intro, blogging takes a lot of dedication and long hours. Not to mention an intense drive to learn as much as you can to automate and project the best blogging strategies from the get-go.

So, despite the fact I’ll have to work on top of my other daily duties, I’m willing to give it a try.

Why wanting to be my own boss is an idea I don’t think will ever leave. For some unknown reason, I have this constant tug that won’t stop. And truth be told, I’d rather be earning money writing for myself 5a to 8p career then working a 9a to 5p job.

Is blogging that scratch to itch?

So with all these being said, I cannot express to you the amount of excitement I have to blog, to share and to become friends with many of you.

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